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Wildfire: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Charlie Hewitt the movie Wildfire?
Steven Bauer
Eddie Dean
Arye Gross
Patrick Labyorteaux

Question 2:
What role did Ryan Sypek play in the movie Wildfire?
Ralph Woodhurst
Junior Davis

Question 3:
Who played Mike the movie Wildfire?
Will Patton
Steven Bauer
Ryan Sypek
Marshall Bell

Question 4:
Who played Sissy the movie Wildfire?
Sandra Seacat
Edna Murphy
Virginia Maples
Sarah Padden

Question 5:
What role did Genevieve Cortese play in the movie Wildfire?
Kris Furillo
Claire Barrington
Aunt Agatha

Question 6:
Who played Vet the movie Wildfire?
Lawford Davidson
Andrew Hoeft
Kevin Wiggins
Ryan Sypek

Question 7:
Who played Ezra Mills the movie Wildfire?
Jonathan Murphy
Francis Ford
Steven Bauer
Greg Serano

Question 8:
Who played Bounty Hunter the movie Wildfire?
Johnny Weissmuller Jr.
Bob Steele
Johnny Weissmuller Jr.
Eric Winter

Question 9:
What role did William Russ play in the movie Wildfire?
Congressman Dean Nichols
'Alkali' Jones

Question 10:
Who played Matt Donovan the movie Wildfire?
Sterling Holloway
Tom Blake
Steven Bauer
Eddie Dean


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