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Question 1: Likewise, the PPC line of cartridges were the parent case of the ________, a long-range, high-energy cartridge for the AR-15 platform.
7.62x51mm NATO6.5 mm Grendel5.56x45mm NATO6.8 mm Remington SPC

Question 2: One example of such a cartridge is the ________, which was developed from the .38 Special in 1934 by firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson.
.44 Magnum9x19mm Parabellum.357 Magnum.44 Special

Question 3: This cartridge was developed by American military special operations soldiers in search of a more lethal round than the ________.
7.62x51mm NATO5.56x45mm NATO.223 RemingtonM16 rifle

Question 4: A ________ cartridge necked down to fire a .25 calibre projectile, developed in Australia during the 1940s as a Kangaroo culling and pest control round.
.30-06 SpringfieldLee-Enfield.303 BritishBullet

Question 5: The sport of metallic silhouette shooting, has given rise to a great number of wildcats, as several rifle rounds are adapted to fire from a ________.
HandgunFirearmBrowning Hi-PowerSemi-automatic pistol

Question 6: While this is a wildcatting operation, it is generally only done by commercial operations, due to the precision ________ needed.
LatheMetalworkingDrill bitTurning

Question 7: It is made by disassembling a ________ cartridge, and re-using the case.
.22 Short.22 Long Rifle.45 ACPSuppressor

Question 8: It started with a .41 Magnum case and cut it down to fit in a ________ chambered for 9 x 19 mm.
Semi-automatic pistolM1911 pistolBrowning Hi-PowerHandgun

Question 9: Now largely obsolete, but there are still large numbers of converted ________ rifles chambered for this round in Australia.
Vickers machine gunLewis GunBren light machine gunLee-Enfield

Question 10: [1] There are potentially endless amounts of different kinds of wildcat cartridges: one source of ________ equipment has a library of over 6,000 different wildcat cartridges for which they produce equipment such as chamber reamers.
File (tool)ChiselGunsmithMetalworking

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