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Wild fisheries: Quiz


Question 1: They are used as a raw material in plastics manufacturing, and are thought to enter the ________ after accidental spillages.
Natural environmentNatureEarthEcology

Question 2: The South China Sea lies over another extensive area of continental shelf, the Sunda Shelf, which joins ________, Sumatra, and Java to the Asian mainland.
Southeast AsiaBorneoMalaysiaIndonesia

Question 3: The benthic fauna of the seamounts is dominated by suspension feeders, including sponges and true ________.
Coral reefScleractiniaGorgonianCoral

Question 4: They strongly resemble ________, only instead of finding a nutritious meal, any marine wildlife that ingests them will likely starve, be poisoned and die.
RoeRough fishForage fishShoaling and schooling

Question 5: A species is listed in the threatened category if it is considered to be critically endangered, ________, or vulnerable.
CheetahPolar bearEndangered speciesTiger

Question 6: Lagoons are bodies of comparatively shallow salt or ________ separated from the deeper sea by a shallow or exposed sandbank, coral reef, or similar feature.
Brackish waterBaltic SeaUnited StatesNorth Sea

Question 7: The ________ (Indo-Malay-Philippine archipelago) region has the highest number of reef-building coral species in threatened category as well as the highest coral species diversity.
Coral TriangleThe Reef Ball FoundationCoral reefSoutheast Asian coral reefs

Question 8: This results in 56.4 billion ________ C/yr (53.8%), for terrestrial primary production, and 48.5 billion tonnes C/yr for oceanic primary production.
United States customary unitsMetric systemKilogramTonne

Question 9: For a systematic treatment of biodiversity within a ________, see unified neutral theory of biodiversity.
Trophic levelEcosystemChemosynthesisAutotroph

Question 10: Wild fisheries exist primarily in the oceans, and particularly around ________ and continental shelves.
Coral reefBeachEstuaryCoast


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