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Question 1: Wikka's backend is based on a ________ relational database, which makes it fast, reliable and more scalable than wiki engines based on flat text storage.
OpenSolarisMySQLOpenOffice.orgSolaris (operating system)

Question 2: Written in PHP, it uses ________ to store pages.
OpenOffice.orgMySQLSolaris (operating system)OpenSolaris

Question 3: ________ for syndicating content from remote wikis.
Java (programming language)UnixApplication programming interfaceLinux

Question 4: A large repository of user-contributed ________.
Adobe FlashMozilla FirefoxPlug-in (computing)Netscape (web browser)

Question 5: Advanced ________ with user registration, password management, and provision for user profiles, as well as access control lists on a per-page basis.
Door securityAccess controlDoorPhysical security

Question 6: It is designed for speed, fine-grained access control, extensibility, and security, and is released under the ________.
Free Software FoundationGNU General Public LicenseGNU Lesser General Public LicenseGNOME

Question 7: ________, through built-in support for FreeMind data
Concept mapThoughtGeneral semanticsMind map


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