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Question 1: ________ comic #1831 shows the Red Robot swearing "on the Wikipedia's entry for 'Honor'" to not kill anyone, and then later editing the page.
Get FuzzyDilbertDiesel Sweeties9 Chickweed Lane

Question 2: The link description adds that the article at the time was longer than each of the articles about ________, the Internet, the internal combustion engine, William Shakespeare and Western Culture.

Question 3: Likewise,, the online publication affiliated with former Mad rival ________, has satirized Wikipedia's maintenance templates.
Al JaffeeCrackedJohn SeverinMad (magazine)

Question 4: [49][50] The web comic ________ featured a similar gag with the character Marcy adding embarrassing information about Francis, though she denies it's vandalism, claiming truth.
Player versus playerPvPPenny Arcade (webcomic)Han Solo

Question 5: The British satirical magazine ________ has a section entitled "Wikipedia Whispers", which uncovers stories about how Wikipedia entries are altered.
NoseweekPrivate EyeThe EconomistThe Spectator

Question 6: When asked why it could talk the logo stated that Wikipedia had become ________ in 2004 due to the massive amounts of information provided by the public.
Self-awarenessSelf (philosophy)ConsciousnessFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 7: The webcomic ________ has jokingly referred to Wikipedia as a replacement for traditional education twice.
AnimeMac HallApplegeeksMegatokyo

Question 8: On May 7, 2005, the ________ FoxTrot showed one character appending his older sister to unflattering Wikipedia articles.
ComicsComic strip formatsComic stripNational Cartoonists Society

Question 9: In 2006, commenting to The New York Times on the demands on ________ analysts to produce instant information, John E. McLaughlin, former acting U.S.
Central Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyCold WarNational Security Agency

Question 10: In the ________ novel The Lost Symbol, a character cites a fictional Wikipedia entry on the character Peter Solomon.
Dan BrownAngels & Demons (film)The Da Vinci Code (film)The Da Vinci Code

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