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Wikinomics: Quiz


Question 1: The use of mass collaboration in a business environment, in recent history, can be seen as an extension of the trend in business to ________: externalize formerly internal business functions to other business entities.
GlobalizationFair tradeASEANOutsourcing

Question 2: This kind of outsourcing is also referred to as ________, to reflect this difference.
WikinomicsCrowdsourcingCollective intelligenceJimmy Wales

Question 3: It explores how some companies in the early 21st century have used ________ (also called peer production) and open-source technology such as wikis to be successful.
WikipediaComputer-supported collaborationCollective actionMass collaboration

Question 4: ________ and Free; 2 books by Chris Anderson
GooglePower lawSearch engine optimizationLong Tail

Question 5: ________: For example, page 125, where it discusses the social video game Second Life as being created by its customers.
Alvin TofflerProsumerHobbyGlobalization

Question 6: Mass collaboration could change way companies operate, article in ________
Gannett CompanyUSA TodayThe Des Moines RegisterDetroit Free Press

Question 7: According to the authors, Coase's Law (see ________) governs the expansion of a business:
Ronald CoaseJames HeckmanMilton FriedmanJames M. Buchanan

Question 8: In the chapter The Perfect Storm, the authors give an overview of the economic effects of the kind of transactions ________ permits.
Web 2.0Dojo ToolkitHypertext Transfer ProtocolAtom (standard)


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