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Question 1: A notable example of the WikiWikiWeb's legacy is ________.
English WikipediaGerman WikipediaUrdu WikipediaWikipedia

Question 2: The WikiWikiWeb played an important historical role in the World Wide Web and the ________ because of its influence on other online communities.
Internet censorshipInternet Relay ChatInternetE-mail

Question 3: "Wiki Wiki" is a reduplication of "wiki," a ________ word for fast.
Hawaiian languageTuvaluan languageMarshallese languagePalauan language

Question 4: Some words are written in ________ because this is the markup used to create inter-page links by WikiWikiWeb's software, WikiBase.
Programming languageCamelCaseCapitalizationLetter case

Question 5: Sanger presented the idea to ________, then head of Bomis, and he agreed.
Jimmy WalesWikipediaLarry SangerWikimania

Question 6: A WikiWikiWeb user, programmer Ben Kovitz of San Diego, California, introduced the WikiWikiWeb to ________ of Internet company Bomis on the evening of January 2, 2001.
Jimmy WalesCitizendiumWikipediaLarry Sanger

Question 7: The concept was based on the ideas developed in ________ stacks that Cunningham built in the late 1980s.
Safari (web browser)Mac OS XQuickTimeHyperCard

Question 8: Later wiki engines, such as ________, dropped this convention.
DokuWikiMindTouch DekiMediaWikiWikiWikiWeb


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