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Question 1: WikiPilipinas (formerly known as Wikipiniana) is an online, free content website which bills itself as a combination "non-academic encyclopedia", web portal, directory and almanac for ________-based knowledge.
PhilippinesEast TimorUnited StatesPapua New Guinea

Question 2: Both the publishing company and WikiPilipinas are owned by the same person, ________.
Gaspar VibalEl filibusterismoQuezon CityJosé Rizal

Question 3: Unlike Wikipedia, many of the articles cover topics that would otherwise be deemed ________ by the stricter Wikipedia.
EncyclopediaDictionaryEncyclopædia BritannicaNatural History (Pliny)

Question 4: Instead of a complete fork of Wikipedia however, Wikipiniana was to be a "hipper" and "freer" version, including ________ lists and directories.
AlmanacAbū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-ZarqālīBabylonian astronomyPtolemy

Question 5: As a Philippine company, the site's physical servers are situated in ________ in the Philippines.
ManilaQuezon CityValenzuela CityMetro Manila

Question 6: Like ________, it contains various articles on Philippine-related topics.
WikipediaUrdu WikipediaEnglish WikipediaGerman Wikipedia

Question 7: While it started as a fork of ________, WikiPilipinas does not fancy itself an "academic encyclopedia" as stated in its official policies and guidelines page.
WikipediaUrdu WikipediaEnglish WikipediaGerman Wikipedia

Question 8: Like Wikipedia, the contents of WikiPilipinas are open to editing by anyone with access to the ________.
Internet Relay ChatWorld Wide WebInternetE-mail

Question 9: As an online resource using the ________ model, it bills itself as a collaborative effort-content provider.
Wiki softwareWikiCollaborative softwareBlog


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