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Widukind: Quiz


Question 1: He was mentioned first in 777, when he was the only one of the Saxon nobles not to appear at Charlemagne's court in ________.

Question 2: It is assumed that he was imprisoned at a ________ — a fate that happened to other rulers deposed by Charlemagne.
Christian monasticismMonasticismMonkMonastery

Question 3:
Widukind (8th/9th centuries; modernized name Wittekind) was a Saxon leader and the chief opponent of ________ during the Saxon Wars.
Louis the PiousLothair IAlboinCharlemagne

Question 4: All sources about him stem from his enemies, the ________, who painted a negative picture of Widukind, calling him an "insurgent" and a "traitor".
Germanic peoplesSaxonsLombardsFranks

Question 5: Even though Widukind allied himself with the Frisians, Charlemagne's winter attacks of 784/785 were successful, and Widukind and his allies were pushed back beyond the River ________.
GermanyHamburgCzech RepublicElbe


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