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Question 1: A few aircraft have also been converted for aerial firefighting, such as the ________-based[32] Tanker 910 and the 747-based Evergreen Supertanker.
Douglas DC-8Wide-body aircraftMcDonnell Douglas MD-11McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Question 2: Currently, the ________ has received more orders than Airbus, and will be first to enter into airline service.
Boeing 777Boeing 787Boeing 737Boeing 747

Question 3: Aircraft are categorized by ________ according to the wake turbulence they produce.
International Civil Aviation OrganizationAirportOneworldAir traffic control

Question 4: Ilyushin IL-96 operated by ________
Vladivostok AirAeroflotTransaero AirlinesS7 Airlines

Question 5: ________ document of their A340-600 interior.
Emirates (airline)Etihad AirwaysGulf AirQatar Airways

Question 6: ________ Business Class (Avianca).
Airbus A350Airbus A340Airbus A330Airbus A380

Question 7: [citation needed] The increased reliability of modern jet engines also allows aircraft to meet the ________ certification standard, which calculates reasonable safety margins for flights across oceans.
Wide-body aircraftBoeing 777ETOPSAirbus A320 family

Question 8: Head-on view of the ________ during pushback
Boeing 747Wide-body aircraftAirbus A380Airbus A320 family

Question 9: In some countries, such as the ________, it is a requirement to suffix a heavy (or super) aircraft's call sign with the word "heavy" (or super) when communicating with air traffic control in certain areas.
CanadaUnited StatesAlaskaPhilippines

Question 10: Lufthansa ________-600 Economy cabin
Airbus A320 familyAirbus A340Airbus A380Airbus A330


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