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Wicket: Quiz


Question 1: Overs • Run • Wickets • No ball • Wide • Bowling average • ________
Hat-trickJacques KallisCentury (cricket)Boundary (cricket)

Question 2: Wicket also refers to the event of a ________ getting out.
Donald BradmanBatting (cricket)CricketRicky Ponting

Question 3: The arches used in croquet and roque are sometimes referred to as wickets, especially in ________.
United StatesEnglish languageAlaskaAmerican English

Question 4: Innings • Run • ________ • Century • Strike rate • Not out • Four and Six
Batting averageHome runGrand slam (baseball)On-base percentage

Question 5: The size and shape of the wicket has changed several times during the last 300 years and its dimensions and placing is now determined by Law 8 in the ________, thus:
Stump (cricket)CaughtLaws of cricketFielding (cricket)

Question 6: For a ________ to be dismissed by being bowled, run out, stumped or hit wicket, his wicket needs to be put down.
Ricky PontingBatting (cricket)Donald BradmanKevin Pietersen

Question 7: According to the ________, this usage is incorrect, but it is in common usage and commonly understood by cricket followers.
Stump (cricket)Fielding (cricket)CaughtLaws of cricket

Question 8: [1] The wicket is guarded by a ________ who, with his bat, attempts to prevent the ball from hitting the wicket.
Ricky PontingKevin PietersenBatting (cricket)Donald Bradman

Question 9: What this means is defined by Law 28 of the ________.
CaughtLaws of cricketStump (cricket)Fielding (cricket)

Question 10: In the sport of ________ the word wicket has several distinct meanings:
Bat-and-ball gamesCricketOlympic GamesIndoor cricket

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