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Whoniverse: Quiz


Question 1: One of the term's early adopters, ________, wrote that defining the Whoniverse was "like taking photographs of shadows.
Strangers (French comic book)Epic ComicsJean-Marc LofficierLen Wein

Question 2: Mondas, Skaro, ________ etc.) and other bipedal aliens.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Time LordGallifreyDoctor Who story chronology

Question 3: Furthermore, as is part of the nature of a fictional universe in which time travel is possible, alternate timelines become possible, which gives the possibility of ________ events by writing over them within the universe's fictional history.
SuperheroAlan MooreRetroactive continuityCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 4: Prior stories such as "________", "The Christmas Invasion", and "Doomsday" are frequently referenced later, for instance in the episode "Love & Monsters" and the spin-off series Torchwood.
Journey's End (Doctor Who)Aliens of LondonWorld War Three (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth

Question 5: Aliens have invaded Earth many times, most notably in recent years as part of "________" and "Doomsday", and UNIT and the Torchwood Institute are examples of government responses to the knowledge of extraterrestrial life.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)The Stolen EarthThe Christmas Invasion

Question 6: A political code of conduct exists between many alien races, with mentions of the "Shadow Proclamation",[9] and also evidenced when the ________ and Time Lords co-operated in the execution of the Master.
DalekCompanion (Doctor Who)Dalek variantsDoctor Who story chronology

Question 7: [21] The future of Earth has been portrayed in various ways; sometimes with little difference to the present, at others ranging from abandoned to overpopulated and hyper-industrialised, from a ________ to a dying planet.

Question 8: The Whoniverse is the fictional universe in which ________, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and other related stories take place.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoDoctor Who spin-offs

Question 9: Grant (Scream of the Shalka) and ________ respectively).
Doctor WhoRussell T DaviesChristopher EcclestonDavid Tennant

Question 10: The word "Whoniverse" is a ________ of "Doctor Who" and "universe".
PortmanteauSupercoupleHumpty DumptyBlend


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