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Question 1: Some of the most dangerous types of holes are formed by lowhead dams (________), underwater ledges, and similar types of obstruction.
Fish ladderWeirLock (water transport)Watermill

Question 2: A particularly notorious undercut rock is Dimple Rock, in Dimple Rapid on the Lower ________ in Pennsylvania.
Chesapeake BayGarrett County, MarylandPotomac RiverYoughiogheny River

Question 3: ________ are often made of fiberglass, kevlar, plastic or a combination of the three for strength and durability.
Whitewater canoeingCanoeKayakWhitewater kayaking

Question 4: The dangers can be mitigated (but not eliminated) by training, experience, scouting, the use of safety equipment (such as ________, helmet, throw ropes), and using other persons as "spotters".
Human swimmingKayakDry suitPersonal flotation device

Question 5: Typical whitewater rafts are inflatable craft, made from high strength fabric coated with PVC, Urethane, Neoprene or Hypalon; see ________.
Backpacking (wilderness)RaftingAgritourismEcotourism

Question 6: Undercuts are most common in rivers where the riverbed cuts through sedimentary rocks like limestone rather than igneous rock like ________.

Question 7: ________ are formed in a similar nature to hydraulics and are sometimes also considered hydraulics as well.

Question 8: ________ and Turbulence for an academic explanation of whitewater features
Fluid mechanicsViscositySurface tensionFluid dynamics

Question 9: This essential skill of whitewater kayaking is called the "________," or simply "Roll." Kayaks are paddled in a low sitting position (legs extended forward), with a two-bladed paddle.
Canoe poloHelliniko Olympic ComplexKayak rollScottish Canoe Association

Question 10: Holes can be particularly dangerous—a boater may become stuck in the recirculating water—or entertaining playspots, where paddlers use the holes' features to perform various ________ moves.
PlayboatingBoulter's LockCanoe poloWhitewater


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