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White tie: Quiz


Question 1: ________ may also be worn to white tie functions.
Flip-flopsTaqiyah (cap)National costumeSarong

Question 2: The front cut-away is squared, in contrast to a ________, which has a diagonally-angled cut-away.
Morning dressTailcoatWhite tieBlack tie

Question 3: Some Commemoration balls and ________ at old Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham.
May BallTrinity College, CambridgeSt John's College, CambridgeChurchill College, Cambridge

Question 4: In some universities (most notably ________), doctoral regalia includes a black tailcoat with facings bearing the insignia of the university, embroidered in gold or silver.
Aristotle University of ThessalonikiRoyal Institute of TechnologyAalto University School of Science and TechnologyUniversité catholique de Louvain

Question 5: Additionally, it is common to wear ________, sashes, and other decorations with white tie dress, especially if the man has some military, political, or royal background.

Question 6: On the other hand, doctoral ________ are not usually worn in normal white tie occasions.
FencingSwordHistorical European martial artsMartial arts

Question 7: In ________, Norway and Sweden many weddings are white tie as is the Nobel Prize ceremony and dinner occasions with the head-of-state.

Question 8: Clerical dress (by persons in ________)
Catholic ChurchBishop (Catholic Church)Catholic Church hierarchyHoly Orders

Question 9: White ________ (usually cotton marcella (US: piqué))
NecktieSuit (clothing)Bow tieAcademic dress

Question 10: ________ or red and white, red and black or blue and white diced kilt hose
Scottish HighlandsTartanHighland ClearancesScottish clan


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