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White nose syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: A 2008 study determined that the fungus found on the muzzles, wings, and ears of infected bats is a member of the ________ genus.
GeomycesBiological classificationMyxotrichaceaeAscomycota

Question 2: Bat flies are small ________ that live in a bat's hair and feed on its blood.
Dirofilaria immitisToxoplasmosisCatParasitism

Question 3: White nose syndrome (WNS) is a poorly understood malady associated with the deaths of more than a million ________.
MammalBatPrimateEven-toed ungulate

Question 4: Extensive spraying of pesticides to combat ________ or other environmental toxins could be a cause by directly affecting the bats or reducing insect populations, their primary source of food.
RabiesWest Nile virusYellow feverDengue fever

Question 5: White-Nose Syndrome Threatens the Survival of Hibernating Bats in North America from the ________ Fort Collins Science Center
National Park ServiceMinerals Management ServiceUnited States Fish and Wildlife ServiceUnited States Geological Survey

Question 6: Bat Man vs. White Nose article and video from ________, Sept 10, 2009
Boston UniversityHarvard UniversityRutgers UniversityNortheastern University


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