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Question 1: ________[30][31]
NazismNational Alliance (United States)AntisemitismNeo-Nazism

Question 2: [13] The term originated as a self-description by some groups, primarily in the United States, to describe their belief in a racially defined collective identity of ________.
Emigration from EuropeWhite peopleChileWhite Latin American

Question 3: [7] The ________ ideal was semi-official policy in Australia until 1975, while in South Africa, white nationalism was championed by the National Party[14] starting in 1948, as the struggle over apartheid heated up.
White Australia policyEuropean AustralianRacial segregationRedlining

Question 4: [5] By challenging established policy on immigration, civil rights and racial integration, they seek to build bridges with moderately ________ white citizens.
Liberal conservatismTraditionalist conservatismConservatismConservative political parties

Question 5: [3][21] White nationalist groups have a history of perpetrating ________, particularly against people of Jewish or African descent.
Hate crimeHomophobiaViolence against LGBT peopleGay bashing

Question 6: The contemporary white nationalist movement in the ________ could be regarded as a reaction to what is perceived as a decline in white demographics, politics and culture.
CanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesAlaska

Question 7: [1] The former seek a separate white nation state, while the latter add ideas from ________ and National Socialism to their ideology.
Charles Darwin's religious viewsDarwin–Wedgwood familyCharles DarwinSocial Darwinism

Question 8: White nationalism is a political ideology which advocates a racial definition of national identity for white people, and a separate all-white ________.
ItalyGermanyFranceNation state

Question 9: ________[28][29]
Council of Conservative CitizensMississippiNorth CarolinaSouth Carolina

Question 10: [3] According to ________, the contemporary white nationalist movement is increasingly cultured, intellectual and academically trained.
Columbia UniversityFrancis FukuyamaInternational relationsSamuel P. Huntington

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