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Question 1: Many ________ producers press copies of white labels in order to test crowd response in dance clubs to their own musical productions.
B-boyingBallroom danceDance musicSwing (dance)

Question 2: Today, white labels are usually produced in small amounts (less than 300) by small record companies or ________ and are most popular with house music and hip-hop DJs.
Disc jockeyHip-hop danceTurntablismScratching

Question 3: Many white labels contain unsolicited ________ and/or tracks that are not yet licensed or released (also called "bootlegs").
Sampling (music)RemixDiscoHouse music

Question 4: White label records are ________ with adhesive plain white labels affixed.
LP albumReel-to-reel audio tape recordingPhonographGramophone record

Question 5: [1] Steve Beckett of ________ recalls that "shops would take fifty [white labels] off you for five pounds each, no problem.
Warp (record label)Warp 10: Influences, Classics, RemixesWarpVisionWarp20 (Recreated)

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