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White dwarf: Quiz


Question 1: A white dwarf with a polarized magnetic field, an effective temperature of 17,000 K, and a spectrum dominated by He I lines which also had ________ features could be given the classification of DBAP3.

Question 2: White dwarfs are thought to represent the end point of ________ for main-sequence stars with masses from about 0.07 to 10 solar masses.
SupernovaStellar evolutionCompact starNeutron star

Question 3: Infrared spectroscopic observations made by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope of the central star of the ________ suggest the presence of a dust cloud, which may be caused by cometary collisions.
Helix NebulaRing NebulaPlanetary nebulaDumbbell Nebula

Question 4: The mass of an isolated, nonrotating white dwarf cannot exceed the ________ of ~1.4 solar masses.
Type II supernovaNeutron starStarChandrasekhar limit

Question 5: [61] The crystal structure is thought to be a ________ lattice.
Cubic crystal systemMonoclinic crystal systemTriclinic crystal systemCrystal system

Question 6: Another way of deriving this result is by use of the ________: the high density of electrons in a white dwarf means that their positions are relatively localized, creating a corresponding uncertainty in their momenta.
Quantum mechanicsIntroduction to quantum mechanicsUncertainty principleWave–particle duality

Question 7: After shedding its outer layers to form a ________, it will leave behind this core, which forms the remnant white dwarf.
Stellar classificationPlanetary nebulaSupernovaStar

Question 8: [73], §8;[81], p. 484 The first magnetic white dwarf to be observed was GJ 742, which was detected to have a magnetic field in 1970 by its emission of ________ light.
Circular polarizationLinear polarizationPolarization (waves)Elliptical polarization

Question 9: However, if the star is allowed to rotate nonuniformly, and viscosity is neglected, then, as was pointed out by ________ in 1947,[52] there is no limit to the mass for which it is possible for a model white dwarf to be in static equilibrium.
Fred HoylePanspermiaPlanetary habitabilityExtraterrestrial life

Question 10: It is also possible that core temperatures suffice to fuse carbon but not neon, in which case an oxygen-neon________ white dwarf may be formed.


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