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White Terror (Hungary): Quiz


Question 1: In March 1919, a Communist cadre took advantage of the political instability, seized power and installed their leader, Béla Kun, as premier of a new ________.
Austria–HungaryHungary between the World WarsHungarian Soviet RepublicHungary

Question 2: The ________, of which Hungary had been a powerful member, collapsed.
Austria–HungaryOttoman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 3: Finally, after Prónay joined a failed attempt to restore the Habsburg king, ________ to Hungary’s throne, Horthy ordered the battalion disbanded.
Charles I of AustriaFranz Joseph I of AustriaFrancis II, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand I of Austria

Question 4: The National Army took control of ________ in November 1919, and four months later Admiral Horthy was named regent of a newly reconstituted Kingdom of Hungary.

Question 5: Leading the armed wing of this new government was Admiral Miklós Horthy, one-time Admiral of the ________.
Wilhelm von TegetthoffAustria–HungaryAustro-Hungarian NavyAustro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops

Question 6: Kun attempted to reclaim by force lost imperial lands in Slovakia and ________ – but these steps only brought a counter-invasion by Romanian troops, who reached Budapest in August 1919.


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