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White Pines Forest State Park: Quiz


Question 1: The area was poised to become a state park in 1903, but a ________ by Governor Richard Yates prevented that from occurring.
VetoUnited StatesHungaryUnited States Congress

Question 2: [7] The designation restricts activities to those that do not impact the area's natural features such as hiking and ________.

Question 3: [4][8] The creeks are populated with smallmouth bass, rock bass, channel catfish and, when they are stocked by the IDNR, ________.
Atlantic salmonCoho salmonChinook salmonRainbow trout

Question 4: During the winter, ________ trails open, and other activities such as camping remain available as well.
KayakIce skateStreet lugeCross-country skiing

Question 5: From 1933 to 1939, two hundred men, many of them ________ veterans, worked on the State Park construction project.
World War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)

Question 6: [4] They were purchased from a salvage company that had purchased ________ from a defunct utility company at the price of 30 cents a piece.
Utility poleTransformerInsulator (electrical)Coaxial cable

Question 7: The park contains two freshwater streams, ________ rock formations, and a variety of activities generally associated with Illinois state parks.
MagnesiteDolomiteCalcium carbonateCalcite

Question 8: In 1927 the park was established with help from supporters in the ________ media.
ChicagoBurr Ridge, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisBlue Island, Illinois

Question 9: [2] Located in "Rock River country," along an old Indian trail, was White Pines Woods covering 500 acres (2 kmĀ²) in a canyon of ________ rock carved by Pine Creek.
Calcium carbonateDolomiteCalciteMagnesite

Question 10: The work crews also built picnic shelters, trail shelters, and ________.


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