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White Mountains (New Hampshire): Quiz


Question 1:
What state is White Mountains (New Hampshire) associated with?
North Carolina
New South Wales

Question 2:
What entity owns White Mountains (New Hampshire)?
Mountain Bird, Inc.
Appalachian Mountains
Rocky Mountain Bell
Monashee Mountains

Question 3:
Where does White Mountains (New Hampshire) come from?
United States and India
United States 94134
United States
United States, Hawaii

Question 4:
What region does White Mountains (New Hampshire) belong to?
Spain, Portugal, England, Brazil, Italy
England, Scotland
New England
Scotland, England and Wales

Question 5: The ________ crosses the area from southwest to northeast.
Gateway National Recreation AreaUpper Delaware Scenic and Recreational RiverWallkill River National Wildlife RefugeAppalachian Trail

Question 6: ________ chose the White Mountains as the setting for his short story, "The Great Carbuncle".
Young Goodman BrownMosses from an Old ManseNathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter

Question 7: Part of the ________, they are considered the most rugged mountains in New England.
VirginiaRocky MountainsAppalachian MountainsGreat Plains

Question 8: The range is heavily visited due to its proximity to ________ and (to a lesser extent) New York City.
Phoenix, ArizonaDenverMassachusettsBoston

Question 9: An alternate theory is that the mica-laden ________ of the summits looked "white" to observers.
Igneous rockBasaltGraniteFelsic

Question 10: The ________ intrusions forming the White Mountains today were created 124 to 100 million years ago as the North American Plate moved westward over the New England hotspot.
GraniteBasaltMagmaIgneous rock


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