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White House Counsel: Quiz


Question 1: Of the 20 senior counselors at the commencement of the ________, eleven are women.
Presidency of Barack ObamaPresidential transition of Barack ObamaFirst 100 days of Barack Obama's presidencyTimeline of the Presidency of Barack Obama (2009)

Question 2: Half are from either ________ or Yale Law School.
Harvard Law SchoolHarvard CollegeHarvard Business SchoolHarvard University

Question 3: It is clear, however, that the privilege does not apply in personal matters, such as ________ proceedings; thus, in such situations the President relies on a personal attorney for confidential legal advice.
United StatesPardonUnited States SenateImpeachment

Question 4: Two attended Stanford Law School and several other top law schools also were represented, including ________ and the University of Chicago Law School.
Columbia Law SchoolNew York Law SchoolCornell Law SchoolGeorgetown University Law Center

Question 5: Therefore, controversy has emerged over the scope of the ________ between the Counsel and the President.
Attorney-client privilegeLegal professional privilege (Australia)Legal professional privilege (England & Wales)Legal professional privilege (common law)

Question 6: The Counsel's role is to advise the President on all legal issues concerning the President and the ________.
Washington, D.C.President's ParkUnited States CapitolWhite House

Question 7: The White House Counsel is a staff appointee of the ________.
United States NavyPresident of the United StatesUnited States Marine CorpsMilitary history of the United States


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