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White Croatia: Quiz


Question 1: After that they settled along ________ river, calling themselves Lendians, and later dividing into Polans, Veleti, Masovier and Pomeranians.

Question 2: Cavalry and infantry has it as much as Christian Chrobatia, all for frequent ________' invasions."
SaxonsLombardsGermanic peoplesFranks

Question 3: Another indication of Ukrainian influence on the Lendians’ lands were deportation actions similar to the activities done by ________ in 1031.
UkraineKievan Rus'RussiaYaroslav I the Wise

Question 4: This confirms that the fortress of Mulin near ________ (west of Prague in Bohemia) was a part of their territory.
Červené JanoviceUhlířské JanoviceKutná HoraČáslav

Question 5: According to Nestor the Chronicler, White Croats where progenitors of ________.
Bolesław I ChrobryRuthenian VoivodeshipSlavic peoplesLendians

Question 6: The modern-day opinion states that those tribes should be associated with the ________.
LendiansSlavic peoplesBolesław I ChrobryRuthenian Voivodeship


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