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Question 1: More than 20,000 Ukrainians came to Brazil between 1895 and 1897, settling mostly in ________ and working as small farmers.
Rio Grande do SulParaná (state)Minas GeraisSanta Catarina (state)

Question 2: ________ largely influenced race relations in Brazil since the late 19th century.
Neo-NazismNazismSlaveryScientific racism

Question 3: [39] During this period, most immigrants came from ________ (58.49%) followed by Portugal with 20%.

Question 4: About 720,000 ________ came to Brazil, starting in the late 19th century[50].
HispanophoneSpanish languageSpanish peopleSpain

Question 5: They founded rural communities that later became prosperous cities, as was the case of São Leopoldo, Joinville and ________.
Agronômica, Santa CatarinaPomerodeBlumenauItajaí

Question 6: On the maternal side, 39% have European ________, 33% Amerindian and 28% African female ancestry.
Mitochondrial DNAAspartate transaminaseTransfer RNAMitochondrion

Question 7:
Which of the following are related to White Brazilian?
* Breguet 16 - Breguet 17
White Americans, White Latin Americans, Black Brazilians, Pardos
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet, Bugle,

Question 8: In fact, the vast majority of them were Poles, since, up to 1917, Poland was under Russian rule and ethnic Poles immigrated with Russian ________.
Kosovan passportTrinidad and Tobago passportPassportBritish National (Overseas)

Question 9: Most European immigrants in the XIX and XX centuries entered Brazil for São Paulo and ________ or for the Southern region.
Rio de JaneiroRecifeNiteróiSalvador, Bahia

Question 10: The Portuguese Crown even sent orphaned women for marriage with the settlers[citation needed], but a large part of the settlers were involved in relationships with indigenous women and with their African ________.
SlaveryRacismUniversal suffrageAntisemitism

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