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Question 1: Formerly a minority in the ________ and early industrial societies, white-collar workers have become a majority in industrialized countries.
Sustainable agricultureIntensive farmingOrganic farmingAgriculture

Question 2: ________ can range from relaxed — with employees allowed to wear jeans and street clothes — up to traditional office attire.
HeadgearBusiness casualClothingDress code

Question 3: This is far more the case in Europe than in the ________, where less than ten percent of all private sector employees are union members.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 4: The term "white collar" was first used by ________, an American writer, in relation to modern clerical, administrative and management workers during the 1930s.
Upton SinclairThe BronxDemocratic Party (United States)Maryland

Question 5: As salaried employees, white-collar workers are sometimes members of white-collar labor unions and they can resort to strike action to settle grievances with their employers when ________ fails.
Collective bargainingEmploymentLabour lawTrade union

Question 6: Industrial and occupational change during the twentieth century created disproportionately more desk jobs, and reduced the number of employees doing manual work in ________.
BirminghamFactoryIndustrial RevolutionManchester

Question 7: ________, an American sociologist, conducted a major research study of the white-collar workers which was reported in his book, White Collar: The American Middle Classes (1951).
C. Wright MillsRationalization (sociology)PositivismEconomic sociology

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