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Whistle: Quiz


Question 1: Such low frequencies can induce nausea, ________, disorientation and dizziness.
MigraineCluster headacheHeadacheTension headache

Question 2: A whistle may also contain a small light ball, usually called the ________, which rattles around inside, creating a chaotic vibrato effect that intensifies the sound.
PeaLentilDietary fiberBean

Question 3: It should be noted, however, that many jurisdictions require that the warning device be permanently attached to the ________.
BicycleRecumbent bicycleBicycle trailerUnicycle

Question 4: In ________ since the Metropolitan Police Services inception in 1829, officers have been issued with the "Metropolitan" whistle.
United KingdomEnglandWalesScotland

Question 5: Industrial whistles are used for signalling and timekeeping both on railroad and ships, and in ________.
Industrial RevolutionBirminghamManchesterFactory

Question 6: ________ generally produce three or four different frequencies at the same time to produce a non-major chord that is distinct, loud, and low in pitch.
Train whistleSouthern Pacific Transportation CompanyBank engineSteam locomotive

Question 7: Both rattles and whistles were used to call for back-up in areas where neighborhood beats overlapped, and following their success in ________, the whistle was adopted by most counties in England.

Question 8: Many types exist, from small police and sports whistles (also called pea whistles), to much larger train whistles, which are steam whistles specifically designed for use on ________ and ships.
Electric locomotiveSteam locomotiveRail transportLocomotive

Question 9: Another whistle widely used for sports such as Touch Football, Rugby League and Rugby Union is the Thunderer 58.5 by ________.
EnglandJ Stevens & SonJ Hudson & CoBirmingham

Question 10: Railroads in particular used elaborate whistle codes for communication both within the ________ and with other trains.
Rail transportPassenger car (rail)Train stationTrain

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