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Whirlwind (atmospheric phenomenon): Quiz


Question 1: Eddies and ________ may form in any fluid.
Wingtip vorticesLift (force)VortexVorticity

Question 2: Minor whirlwinds are not as long-lived; the winds that form them do not last long, and when a minor whirlwind encounters an obstruction (a ________, a house, a tree, etc.), its rotation is interrupted, as is the windflow into it, causing it to dissipate.
BuildingKitchenLiving roomBasement

Question 3: Winds from other small storms (such as ________ and local thunder storms) can cause minor whirlwinds to form.
Earth rainfall climatologyPrecipitation (meteorology)RainClimate

Question 4: Other lesser whirlwinds include ________, as well as steam devils, snow devils, debris devils and shear eddies such as the mountainado and eddy whirlwinds.
TornadoKenyaDust devilIran

Question 5: A whirlwind is a weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind (a vertically oriented rotating column of air) forms due to instabilities and ________ created by heating and flow (current) gradients.
Fluid dynamicsReynolds numberDrag (physics)Turbulence

Question 6: The first category includes ________, waterspouts, and landspouts.
ThunderstormSevere weatherTornadoMeteorology

Question 7: A ________ forms over the funnel, making it visible.
FogCloudPrecipitation (meteorology)Cloud condensation nuclei

Question 8: A major whirlwind (such as a tornado) is formed from supercell thunderstorms (the most powerful type of thunderstorm) or other powerful ________.

Question 9: The funnel picks up materials such as ________ or snow as it moves over the ground, thus becoming visible.
RoadDustAir pollutionParticulate


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