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Whip: Quiz


Question 1: These may include riding crops, dressage whips, and ________ or buggy whips.
Horse-drawn vehicleAutomobileDriving (horse)Carriage

Question 2: In film, the effect is achieved by braiding the whip over a steel or ________ support cable and anchoring the tip permanently to a support such as a crane or scaffolding.
DuPontWallace CarothersKevlarNomex

Question 3: A similar, but slightly longer whip is used in ________ style English riding.
EquestrianismEquitationArabian horseSaddle seat

Question 4: There has been a theory that all or some sauropod dinosaurs could crack the ends of their tails like coachwhips as a sound signal, as in the book form of "________".
The Complete Guide to Prehistoric LifePrehistoric PlanetWalking with DinosaursWalking with Beasts

Question 5: These devices are used as flogging instruments, a means of control, ________ or torture.
CaningJudicial corporal punishmentCorporal punishmentSchool corporal punishment

Question 6: A stock whip's handle is connected to the thong by a joint typically made of a few strands of thick ________ (which is called a keeper).
WoolLeather skirtButtonLeather

Question 7: Whips today are used primarily in ________ for three main purposes:
EthologyAnimal languageAnimal cognitionAnimal training

Question 8: Some whips of this type include the ________ and the stockwhip.
BDSMWhipcrackingGray WolfBullwhip

Question 9: Many unicellular organisms, and spermatozoa, have one or two whip-like appendages called ________, which they use for propulsion.

Question 10: As an extension of the human arm to give commands to ________ by tapping them.

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