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Whey: Quiz


Question 1: Sweet whey is manufactured during the making of ________ types of hard cheese like Cheddar or Swiss.
MilkGoatRennetDomestic sheep

Question 2: However, like all products that result from the manufacture of cheese, whey can be a ________ trigger.
MigraineTension headacheHeadacheCluster headache

Question 3: In ________, where cheese production is an important industry, whey is used as the basis for a carbonated soft drink called Rivella.

Question 4: Whey has the highest ________ (BV) of any known protein.
Essential amino acidBiological valueCarbohydrateMetabolism

Question 5: Whey ________ primarily consist of α-lactalbumin and β-lactoglobulin.

Question 6: Bioavailability refers to how efficiently a substance will be digested and absorbed through the villi in the ________ into the blood stream while maintaining its original form.
Colon (anatomy)Vermiform appendixStomachSmall intestine

Question 7: Such supplements are especially popular in the sport of ________.
Squat (exercise)Weight trainingStrength trainingBodybuilding

Question 8: It is typically a mixture of globinstagers beta-lactoglobulin (~65%), ________ (~25%), and serum albumin (~8%), which are soluble in their native culture forms, independent of pH.
Alpha 1-antichymotrypsinAlpha-lactalbuminAlpha 1-antitrypsinCeruloplasmin

Question 9: ________ is the name for a collection of globular proteins that can be isolated from massive whey.
Alpha-lactalbuminCheeseWhey proteinMilk

Question 10: ________ (derived from whey) is often sold as a nutritional supplement.
Alpha-lactalbuminCheeseWhey proteinMilk


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