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Question 1: "What More Can I Give" was also intended to be released as a charity single to aid the Kosavor refugees who had been forced out of their home during the ________ (1998–1999).
Kosovo WarRačak massacreBelgradeSerbia

Question 2: [17] Joe D'Angelo of MTV later stated that the entire performance was held together by Jackson and ________, who he claimed were the only two who looked like they knew the lyrics to the song.
Billy GilmanBillboard Hot 100One Voice (Billy Gilman album)Classic Christmas (Billy Gilman album)

Question 3: Hours following the second concert, ________ terrorists hijacked and crashed four commercial passenger jet airliners as part of a coordinated sucide attack on the United States.
Islamic terrorismTalibanAl-QaedaOsama bin Laden

Question 4: ________-FM, a radio station based in New York, debuted the song without permission and played it in heavy rotation.

Question 5: They also contained solo performances by Jackson himself, and marked the onstage reunion of the pop singer and his brothers (________).
Michael JacksonMotown 25: Yesterday, Today, ForeverThe Jacksons: An American DreamThe Jackson 5

Question 6: ________ was originally inspired to write "What More Can I Give" after a meeting with anti-apartheid activist and President of South Africa Nelson Mandela in 1999.
The Jackson 5Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's This Is It: The Music That Inspired the MovieThriller (song)

Question 7: The download project had been set up by Jackson with the American media company ________.
Valero Energy CorporationSan AntonioUSAAClear Channel Communications

Question 8: Jackson and other artists recorded the new version of the song shortly afterward; the other artists included Beyoncé Knowles, ________, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey and Usher.
Celine Dion videographyCeline Dion albums discographyCeline Dion singles discographyCeline Dion

Question 9: "What More Can I Give" (also "Todo Para Ti" in Spanish) is a song written by American musician ________ and recorded by a supergroup of singers following the September 11 attacks in 2001.
Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's This Is It: The Music That Inspired the MovieThriller (song)The Jackson 5

Question 10: The song also failed to gain an official release, despite the pop singer having stated that it would be issued as a charity single for the refugees of the ________, which ended in 1999.
Kosovo WarRačak massacreSerbiaBelgrade

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