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Whaling in the Faroe Islands: Quiz


Question 1: When fresh, the meat is boiled or served as ________.
BeefItalian cuisineSteakFrench cuisine

Question 2: The blubber, in particular, has been highly valued both as ________ and for processing into oil, which was used for lighting fuel and other purposes.
CookingMedieval cuisineFoodMeat

Question 3: The pilot whale hunt is an integral part of Faroese social ________.
SlaveryHuman rightsFamilyCulture

Question 4: On the whaling-foremans signal, stones attached to lines are thrown into the water behind the pilot whales, thus the boats drive the whales towards an authorised ________ or fjord, where the whales then beach themselves.
CoastCoral reefCliffBeach

Question 5: When a school of pilot whales is sighted, boats gather behind the whales and slowly drive them towards the chosen authorized location, usually a bay or the end of a ________.
NorwaySound (geography)FjordDenmark

Question 6: On 4 June 1907, the Danish Governor (in Faroese amtmaður) as well as the sheriff sent the first draft for whaling regulations to the Office of the Exchequer in ________.

Question 7: It is known to have existed on Iceland, in the ________, and in Shetland and Orkney.
IrelandScotlandHebridesNorthern Isles

Question 8: Today the meat and blubber is often kept in the ________.
Air conditionerRefrigerationAvicennaRefrigerator

Question 9: This also means that whale meat is not available at ________.
SupermarketSafeway Inc.CostcoFood

Question 10: Historically the system takes place as such: When a school of pilot whales has been sighted, messengers are sent to spread the news among the inhabitants of the ________ involved (the Faroe Islands have 17 inhabited islands).
Coral reefIslandVolcanic arcIsthmus


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