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Whale tail: Quiz


Question 1: One conjecture assumes that the style of exposed thong may have "bubbled-up" from the street level to the high streets, like the jeans and t-shirt look of ________.
Nick Adams (actor)James DeanPaul NewmanJames Dean (film)

Question 2: [78] Another related term – Buttock cleavage – implies a minor exposure of the ________ and the gluteal cleft between them not covered by an underwear.
Lower limbHuman legButtocksFoot

Question 3: [90] The ________ whale tails were often used in conjunction with a chin spoiler attached to the front valence panel, which, according to some sources, did not enhance aerodynamic stability.
Porsche 964Porsche 911 classicPorsche 997Porsche 911

Question 4: ________ deliberately made sure her thong's "whale tail" was visible when she wore a backless couture gown at a party four years ago.
Gillian AndersonFox MulderDana ScullyThe X-Files

Question 5: [109] A certain behavior of ________ magnetization curves in bulk superconductors is described as a whale tail profile, which differs qualitatively from a plane tail profile.
MagnetismHysteresisElectricityMagnetic field

Question 6: [35] The bill (HB1981), also known as the Droopy Drawers Bill, was earlier passed by ________ by a 60–34 vote.
Senate of VirginiaUnited States House of RepresentativesVirginia House of DelegatesVirginia General Assembly

Question 7: [8] ________ has been portrayed as a major contributor to the whale tail's popularity.
Circus (Britney Spears album)Britney Spears...Baby One More TimeIn the Zone

Question 8: [53] Another assumes the fad was initiated by glamor model Jordan in England and singers ________ and Spears in the United States.
We Belong TogetherMariah CareyI'll Be There (The Jackson 5 song)The Remixes (Mariah Carey album)

Question 9: In 2004, ________, USA State Representative Derrick Shepherd proposed a bill (HB1626), also known as the Baggy Pants Bill to Louisiana House of Representatives.
MississippiNorth CarolinaArkansasLouisiana

Question 10: [25][26] In ________, clothing company Sanna's brought forward an extreme low-rise hip-hugging jeans design with built-in thong whale tails.
United KingdomJapanCanadaCambodia

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