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Whale song: Quiz


Question 1: While the complex sounds of the Humpback whale (and some blue whales) are believed to be primarily used in ________, the simpler sounds of other whales have a year-round use.
Natural selectionSpeciationEvolutionary psychologySexual selection

Question 2: Two groups of whales, the Humpback Whale and the subspecies of Blue Whale found in the ________, are known to produce a series of repetitious sounds at varying frequencies.
Atlantic OceanIndian OceanPacific OceanArabian Sea

Question 3: [citation needed] Further, unlike some fish such as ________, a whale's sense of smell is not highly developed.
SharkGreat white sharkBullhead sharkAngel shark

Question 4: Humans produce sound by expelling air through the ________.
LarynxRespiratory systemThyroidDigestion

Question 5: This is included with or in comparison with ________, and male humpback whales have been described as "inveterate composers" of songs that are "'strikingly similar' to human musical traditions".
Music theoryClassical musicMusicMusical notation

Question 6: The mechanisms used to produce sound vary from one family of ________ to another.
CetaceaOceanic dolphinBeaked whaleToothed whale

Question 7: Every toothed whale except the ________ has two sets of phonic lips and is thus capable of making two sounds independently.
Killer whaleCetaceaSperm whaleFin whale

Question 8: In addition, the speed of sound is roughly four times greater in water than in the atmosphere at ________.
Physical oceanographyThermohaline circulationSea levelCurrent sea level rise

Question 9: The singing of whale songs for ________ enjoyment, personal satisfaction, or 'for art's sake', is "an untestable question in scientific terms."[6]
David HumeArthur SchopenhauerAestheticsApplied aesthetics

Question 10: Most baleen whales make sounds at about 15–20 ________.
VoltJouleHertzPascal (unit)


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