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Question 1: Meyer did not have time to pen the episode himself, so the idea was given to ________.
The Simpsons (season 9)The Simpsons (season 6)John SwartzwelderThe Simpsons

Question 2: [10] The show's creator ________ considers Homer's "I am evil Homer" fantasy to be one of the greatest moments in the show's history.
The Simpsons (franchise)The Simpsons MovieMatt GroeningThe Simpsons

Question 3: Bart escapes through a ventilation shaft, and takes ________'s tractor for a joyride, crashing into Chalmers.
Homer SimpsonSpringfield Elementary SchoolBart SimpsonGroundskeeper Willie

Question 4: Writer ________, who was very "animal conscious" was interested in writing an episode related to an annual ritual held in a Texan town, where the townspeople would beat rattlesnakes with sticks.
George MeyerJames L. BrooksPhil HartmanConan O'Brien

Question 5: The untitled Itchy & Scratchy short, with "guest director" Oliver Stone, is a parody of the scene where ________ shoots Lee Harvey Oswald in Stone's film JFK.
John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theoriesJohn F. KennedyJack RubyRuby v. Texas

Question 6: [1] It concerns the fictional holiday "Whacking Day", celebrated annually May 10, in which the citizens of Springfield drive ________ into the town square, then club them to death.

Question 7: Each year on May 10, the people of Springfield drive ________ to the center of town and beat them to death.

Question 8: After being quickly expelled from a new private Christian school, Marge decides to ________ Bart.
Homeschool cooperativeAlternative educationHomeschoolingUnschooling

Question 9: It was pitched by the "animal conscious" ________ who wanted to create an episode against the mistreatment of snakes.
George MeyerJames L. BrooksPhil HartmanConan O'Brien

Question 10: [3] In order to speed up animation, director Jeffrey Lynch "begged" ________ artists Kevin O'Brien and Steve Markowski to help him with the episode.
Pre-productionStoryboardFilmmakingFilm treatment


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