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Wetsuit: Quiz


Question 1: This has been carried on as stylized ________ pads of rubber on the knees and elbows to protect the suit from wear, and allows logos to be directly bonded onto raw sheet rubber.
ReinforcementPsychological manipulationAngerEmotional blackmail

Question 2: The bubbles also give the wetsuit a low ________, providing buoyancy in water.

Question 3: [5] They attempted to ________ their neoprene wetsuit design, but their application was rejected because the design was viewed as too similar to a flight suit.
PatentPatent applicationPatent infringementSoftware patent

Question 4: This was somewhat remedied by thoroughly powdering the suit and the diver's body with ________ to help the rubber slide on more easily.
GarnetChlorite groupQuartzTalc

Question 5: As wetsuits continued to evolve, their use was explored in other sports such as open-water swimming and ________.
Ironman TriathlonTriathlonMarathonDecathlon

Question 6: [6] However, it was Willard Bascom, an engineer at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in ________, who suggested neoprene as a feasible material to Bradner.
Point Loma, San Diego, CaliforniaMount SoledadLa Jolla, San Diego, CaliforniaOcean Beach, San Diego, California

Question 7: Other developments in single-backed wetsuits include the suits designed for ________ and spearfishing.
Free-divingDrowningSnorkelingScuba diving

Question 8: [7] However, this is disputed by some ________ experts because neoprene and other rubbers are not fire retardant; therefore, they would not be found on any passenger aircraft.
Powered hang gliderFighter aircraftAirshipAviation

Question 9: These include, but are not limited to, spandex, wool, and ________ fibers.

Question 10: A Wetsuit is a garment, usually made of foamed neoprene, which is worn by divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and others engaged in water sports, providing thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and ________.
ForceBuoyancyFluid staticsSurface tension


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