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Western Theater of the American Civil War: Quiz


Question 1: Sherman therefore applied the principles of ________, ordering his troops to burn crops, kill livestock, consume supplies, and destroy civilian infrastructure along their path.
Hill fortScorched earthFortificationTrench warfare

Question 2: Sherman's ________ was more successful.
Franklin-Nashville CampaignChattanooga CampaignWilliam Tecumseh ShermanAtlanta Campaign

Question 3: At the ________ the following day, Hood launched repeated massive frontal assaults against strong entrenchments and suffered severe casualties.
Battle of ChickamaugaChattanooga CampaignBattle of Franklin (1864)Battle of Nashville

Question 4: ________, the Department of Missouri, under Maj.
Philip SheridanUlysses S. GrantUnion ArmyDavid Hunter

Question 5: This is related to the proximity of the opposing capitals, the concentration of newspapers in the major cities of the East, and the fame of Eastern generals such as Robert E. Lee, ________, and Stonewall Jackson.
George B. McClellanWoodrow WilsonAndrew JacksonWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 6: ________, the overall theater commander.
William Tecumseh ShermanJoseph E. JohnstonAmerican Civil WarUlysses S. Grant

Question 7: Chattanooga was saved; along with the failure of Longstreet's ________ against Burnside, politically sensitive eastern Tennessee was free of Confederate control.
Knoxville CampaignUnion ArmyChattanooga CampaignJames Longstreet

Question 8: It has been said that he mortally wounded his army at Franklin but killed it at the ________ (December 15–16).
Battle of NashvilleWestern Theater of the American Civil WarBattle of Franklin (1864)Battle of Chickamauga

Question 9: On May 18, Admiral ________ captured New Orleans, the South's most significant seaport.
United States Naval AcademyUnited States NavyChester W. NimitzDavid Farragut

Question 10: ________), driving McClernand's division back but not creating the opening they needed to slip away.
Abraham LincolnJohn Alexander McClernandUlysses S. GrantAmerican Civil War


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