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Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition: Quiz


Question 1: They lived in thatched roof ________ houses, grew cotton and tobacco, and conducted some long-distance trade in obsidian and other goods.
Cob (material)Wattle and daubRammed earthBuilding material

Question 2: "The Correspondence of Regional Patterns and Local Strategies in Formative to Classic Period West Mexico" (________ online facsimile).
Office Open XMLPortable Document FormatHTMLOpenDocument

Question 3: Like much else concerning the tradition, its origins are not well understood, although the valleys around ________, which include the archaeological sites of Huitzilapa and Teuchitlan, constitute its "undisputed core".
Guadalajara, JaliscoTequila, JaliscoZapopan, JaliscoChapala, Jalisco

Question 4: Ancient Mesoamerica (London and New York: ________) 7 (1): pp.135–147.
Cambridge University PressOxford University PressAuthorized King James VersionEngland

Question 5: The plentiful ceramic figurines have attracted the most attention, and are among the most dramatic and interesting produced in ________.
Mesoamerican chronologyTakalik AbajMaya civilizationMesoamerica

Question 6: More unusual items include ________ trumpets covered with stucco and other appliques.
ConchSeashellShankhaEustrombus gigas

Question 7: Because western Mexico is on the very periphery of ________, it has long been considered outside the Mesoamerican mainstream and the cultures at this time appear to be particularly insulated from many mainstream Mesoamerican influences.
Mesoamerican chronologyTakalik AbajMesoamericaMaya civilization

Question 8: ________, Timeline of Art History, accessed April 2008.
Museum of Modern ArtUnited StatesWestern paintingMetropolitan Museum of Art

Question 9: "Political Boundaries and Political Structure: The Limits of the Teuchitlan Tradition" (________ online facsimile).
HTMLOpenDocumentPortable Document FormatOffice Open XML

Question 10: Since the vast majority of these ceramics are without ________, analysis has largely focused on the ceramics' styles and subjects.
ArchaeologyLooted artAntiquitiesProvenance


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