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Western Ghats: Quiz


Question 1: The Western Ghats extend from the Satpura Range in the north, go south past ________, through Karnataka and into Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Daman and DiuMumbaiMangaloreGoa

Question 2: ________ is the predominant rock found in the hills reaching a depth of 3 km (2 mi).
Igneous rockLavaBasaltFlood basalt

Question 3:
What is the street address of Western Ghats?

Question 4: Amphibians- The ________ of the Western Ghats are diverse and unique, with more than 80% of the 179 amphibian species being endemic to the region.

Question 5: The northern portion of the narrow coastal plain between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is known as the Konkan Coast or simply Konkan,the central portion is called Kanara and the southern portion is called ________ or the Malabar Coast.
ThrippunithuraMalabarVagamonNorth Malabar

Question 6: The Nilgiri Hills are home to the hill station ________.
CoimbatoreGudalur (Nilgiris district)CoonoorOotacamund

Question 7: [2] The average elevation is around 1,200 ________.
1 decametreMetre10 megametres100 megametres

Question 8:
What is Western Ghats also known as?
u0A30u0A3Eu0A2E u0A30u0A3Eu0A0F u0A2Au0A41u0A30
Sahya mountains
u0141obez Commune

Question 9:
What is the native name for Western Ghats
Bayan ng Pateros

Question 10:
What state is Western Ghats associated with?


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