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Western Ganga Dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: [13] The founding king of the dynasty was Konganivarman Madhava who made ________ his capital around 350 and ruled for about twenty years.
BangaloreKolar districtKolaraKarnataka

Question 2: The work narrates the legends of a total of 63 Jain proponents including twenty-four Jain ________, twelve Chakravartis, nine Balabhadras , nine Narayanas and nine Pratinarayanas.
MahaviraTirthankarJainismNami Natha

Question 3: They are known as Western Gangas to distinguish them from the Eastern Gangas who in later centuries ruled over modern ________.
IndiaOrissaBhubaneswarOriya culture

Question 4: After a century of struggle for autonomy, the Western Gangas finally accepted Rashtrakuta overlordship and successfully fought alongside them against their foes, the ________ of Tanjavur.
Chola DynastyGupta EmpireMaurya EmpirePala Empire

Question 5: In the south, the ________ who were seeing a resurgence of power under Rajaraja Chola I conquered Gangavadi around the year 1000, bringing the Western Ganga dynasty to an end.
Gupta EmpireChola DynastyMaurya EmpirePala Empire

Question 6: The Western Ganga kings showed benevolent tolerance to all faiths but are most famous for their patronage towards ________ resulting in the construction of monuments in places such as Shravanabelagola and Kambadahalli.
Indian religionsHinduismJain philosophyJainism

Question 7: [83] Jains worshipped the twenty four ________ (Jinas) whose images were consecrated in their temples.
MahaviraNami NathaJainismTirthankar

Question 8: The Western Ganga sovereignty lasted from about 350 to 550 CE, initially ruling from Kolar and later moving their capital to Talakad on the banks of the ________ in modern Mysore district.
Kaveri RiverSrirangapatnaGrand AnicutHogenakkal Falls

Question 9: [97][98] The linga was man made and in some cases had etchings of ________ (son of Shiva) and Parvati (consort and wife of Shiva) on it.

Question 10: The kings of this dynasty encouraged the fine arts due to which literature in Kannada and ________ flourished.


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