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Western Front (World War II): Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Western Front (World War II)?
*Armenian volunteer unitsn France
* United Statesn* France
France |Surrendered

Question 2: However, the German Navy (________) had suffered serious losses in Scandinavia, and in order to even consider an amphibious landing, Germany's Air Force (the Luftwaffe) had to first gain air superiority or air supremacy.
Karl DönitzGerman Type VII submarineScharnhorst class battleshipKriegsmarine

Question 3:
Where did Western Front (World War II) take place?
North and Western Europe
Central Europe, Italy
Southern and Western Europe
Europe, Manchuria, Siberia, Atlantic Ocean.

Question 4:
What was Western Front (World War II) a part of?

Question 5: forces when the Germans failed to blow up the ________ at Remagen, one crossing was a hasty assault, and two crossings were planned.
Ludendorff BridgeRhineAdolf HitlerGermany

Question 6: The Breskens pocket on the southern bank of the Scheldt was cleared with heavy casualties by Canadian and Polish forces in Operation Switchback, during the ________.
Western Front (World War II)Operation Market GardenAllied advance from Paris to the RhineBattle of the Scheldt

Question 7: German Army Group B commanded by Field Marshal ________ was trapped in the Ruhr Pocket and 300,000 soldiers became POWs.
Walter ModelErwin RommelAlbert KesselringErich von Manstein

Question 8: While the Western Front remained quiet in April 1940, the fighting between the Allies and the Germans began in earnest with the Norwegian campaign, when the Germans launched Operation Weserübung, the German invasion of ________ and Norway.

Question 9: During the two weeks that the river was flooded Hitler would not allow Field Marshal ________ to withdraw East behind the Rhine arguing that it would only delay the inevitable fight.
Gerd von RundstedtAlbert KesselringGünther von KlugeErwin Rommel

Question 10:
Who was a commander in the Western Front (World War II)?
22 px Gustav Evertsson Horn
Gustav Horn
Gustav-Adolf von Zangen
Gen. Gustav-Adolf von Zangen


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