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Western Desert Campaign: Quiz


Question 1: Thirty Italian M11/39 medium tanks made contact with the ________ in an effort to re-establish themselves in the area.
8th King's Royal Irish Hussars13th HussarsRoyal Scots Greys17th Lancers

Question 2: After a lengthy armoured battle, known as "the Cauldron", he defeated the Allies in the ________ and captured Tobruk.
Battle of GazalaFirst Battle of El AlameinOperation CrusaderWestern Desert Campaign

Question 3: The Australians then pressed on to capture Bardia and ________, with little or no opposition.
Operation CompassWestern Desert CampaignTobrukErwin Rommel

Question 4: According to ________ Winston Churchill, the approximately 215,000 Italians in Libya faced approximately 50,000 British in Egypt.
Monarchy of the United KingdomPolitics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomPrime Minister of the United Kingdom

Question 5: Both units were forced back across the ________ line into eastern Libya, along with the 201st Guards Motor Brigade, in the process giving up both Msus and Benghazi to the German forces.
LyciaRoman provinceCiliciaCyrenaica

Question 6: Libya had been an Italian colony since the Italian Royal Army (Regio Esercito) defeated the Ottoman Imperial Army in 1912 during the ________.
Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)Italo-Turkish WarLondon Straits ConventionBalkan Wars

Question 7: He was replaced by General Harold Alexander as Commander-in-Chief Middle East Command and Lieutenant-General ________, who became Commander of the Eighth Army.
Alan Brooke, 1st Viscount AlanbrookeJohn DillBernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of AlameinJohn Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort

Question 8: On the outbreak of war, this force was renamed "________" and ultimately became the 7th Armoured Division.
7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division11th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)1st Armoured Division (United Kingdom)

Question 9: The Italian's Axis partner, Germany, provided a contingent of ground forces (________) and air forces (Luftwaffe) to prevent a total collapse, quickly making Germany the dominant partner.
Heer (1935–1945)HetzerMarder IIIPanzer I

Question 10: ________
Participants in World War IITimeline of World War II (1943)Timeline of World War II (1942)Timeline of World War II (1941)


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