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Western Chalukya architecture: Quiz


Question 1: Most notable of the many buildings dating from this period are the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi in the Koppal district, the Kasivisvesvara Temple at Lakkundi in the ________, and the Mallikarjuna Temple at Kuruvatti and the Kallesvara Temple at Bagali, both in the Davangere district.
Gadag-BetigeriNorth KarnatakaSudiGadag district

Question 2: Although a few Western Chalukyan temples can be found in the Konkan region, the presence of the ________ probably prevented the style from spreading westwards.
Anaimalai HillsWestern GhatsCardamom HillsMalabar

Question 3: From the 11th century, newly incorporated features were either based on the traditional dravida plan of the Badami Chalukyas, as found in the Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna Temples at ________, or were further elaborations of this articulation.

Question 4: [64] Broadly speaking, ________ is derived from a variant of Western Chalukya architecture that emerged from the Lakshmeshwar workshops.
Vijayanagara architectureHoysala architectureDravidian architectureHindu temple architecture

Question 5: During the first phase, temples were built in the ________-Banashankari-Mahakuta region (situated in the early Chalukya heartland) and Ron in the Gadag district.

Question 6: The structures at Ron bear similarities to the Rashtrakuta temples in Kuknur in the Koppal district and Mudhol in the ________, evidence that the same workshops continued their activity under the new Karnata dynasty.
Shivamogga districtBagalkot districtBijapur districtBelgaum district

Question 7: [4] Other monuments notable for their craftsmanship include the Siddhesvara Temple at Haveri in the Haveri district, the Amrtesvara Temple at Annigeri in the ________, the Sarasvati Temple in Gadag, and the Dodda Basappa Temple at Dambal, both in the Gadag district.
HubballiDharwad districtKarnatakaNorth Karnataka

Question 8: [14] Sometimes called the ________ style of architecture, Western Chalukya architecture is considered a precursor to the Hoysala architecture of southern Karnataka.

Question 9: The influence of this style extended beyond the Kalyani region in the northeast to the ________ region in the east and to the Mysore region in the south.
BellaryBellary FortBangaloreKarnataka

Question 10: In an 'interrupted' stellate plan, the stellate outline is interrupted by orthogonal (right-angle) projections in the ________, resulting in star points that have been skipped.
CompassCardinal directionMapNavigation


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