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Western Chalukya Empire: Quiz


Question 1: Exports to ________ China included textiles, spices, medicinal plants, jewels, ivory, rhino horn, ebony and camphor.
Ming DynastySong DynastyHan DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 2: [19] Simultaneously, Jayasimha II subdued the ________ of central India.
ChauhanTomara dynastyGurjara-PratiharaParamara

Question 3: The rise of Veerashaivaism was revolutionary and challenged the prevailing ________ which retained royal support.
DalitIndiaReligion in IndiaCaste system in India

Question 4: Although the origin of the Virashaiva faith has been debated, the movement grew through its association with ________ in the twelfth century.
Akka MahadeviBasavaYediyur Siddhalingeshwara Swamy TempleLingayatism

Question 5: When King Satyasraya succeeded Tailapa II to the throne, he was able to protect his kingdom from Chola aggression as well as his northern territories in Konkan and ________ although his control over Vengi was shaky.

Question 6: The fall of the Rashtrakuta empire to the Western Chalukyas in the tenth century, coinciding with the defeat of the Western Ganga Dynasty by the Cholas in Gangavadi, was a setback to ________.
Indian religionsJainismJain philosophyHinduism

Question 7: The Western Chalukyas and the ________ fought many bitter wars over control of this strategic resource.
Gupta EmpireChola DynastyPala EmpireMaurya Empire

Question 8: [122][123] The Western Chalukyas built temples in Badami and ________ during their early phase of temple building activity, such as Mallikarjuna Temple, the Yellamma Temple and the Bhutanatha group of Temples.

Question 9: For over a century, the two empires of southern India, the Western Chalukyas and the ________ of Tanjore fought many fierce wars to control the fertile region of Vengi.
Pala EmpireChola DynastyGupta EmpireMaurya Empire

Question 10: Well known examples are the Kasivisvesvara Temple at ________, the Mallikarjuna Temple at Kuruvatii, the Kallesvara Temple at Bagali and the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi.


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