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West Texas: Quiz


Question 1: Many Mexican-Americans still have close family ties in ________.
United StatesMexicoNicaraguaPhilippines

Question 2: To the east of the Llano Estacado lies the “redbed country” of the Rolling Plains and to the south of the ________ lies the Edwards Plateau.
Amarillo, TexasPermian Basin (North America)High Plains (United States)Llano Estacado

Question 3: A freight train crossing the level plains of the ________.
Permian Basin (North America)Amarillo, TexasLlano EstacadoHigh Plains (United States)

Question 4: Another important subdivision of West Texas is the ________, a vast region of level high plains that extends into the Texas Panhandle.
High Plains (United States)Amarillo, TexasLlano EstacadoPermian Basin (North America)

Question 5: Major industries include livestock, petroleum and natural gas production, textiles such as ________, grain and because of its proximity to the Mexican border, the maquiladora industry.

Question 6: The area is known for its conservative politics — some of the most heavily Republican counties in the United States are located in the region, where former President ________ spent his early youth.
Dick CheneyGeorge H. W. BushGeorge W. BushRonald Reagan

Question 7: West Texas has become notable for its numerous ________ producing clean, alternative electricity.
WindmillWind farmUnconventional wind turbinesWind turbine

Question 8: Greene proposed that West Texas extends west of the ________.
Llano EstacadoBrazos RiverColorado River (Texas)Double Mountain Fork Brazos River

Question 9: The portion of West Texas that lies west of the Pecos River is often referred to as "Far West Texas" or the "Trans-Pecos," a term first introduced in 1887 by the Texas geologist ________.
Llano EstacadoWashington, D.C.Robert T. HillDallas

Question 10: It does not have as many ties to other parts of the Southern United States as does ________, although many of the people who currently populate West Texas are also migrants from other parts of Texas and other Southern states or their descendants.
DallasNortheast TexasEast TexasAustin, Texas


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