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West Nile virus: Quiz


Question 1:
What family does West Nile virus belong to?
incertae sedis

Question 2: On August 19, 2006, the ________ reported that the expected incidence rate of WNV was dropping as the local population becomes exposed to the virus.
Los Angeles TimesChicago TribuneSam ZellKTLA

Question 3: A vaccine for horses (ATCvet code: QI05AA10) based on killed viruses exists; some ________ have given this vaccine to their birds, although its effectiveness there is unknown.
ZooLondon ZooMenagerieBristol Zoo

Question 4: The first is an asymptomatic infection; the second is a mild febrile syndrome termed West Nile Fever;[1] the third is a neuroinvasive disease termed West Nile ________ or encephalitis.

Question 5: It mainly infects birds, but is known to infect humans, horses, dogs, cats, ________, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, and domestic rabbits.
BatEven-toed ungulatePrimateMammal

Question 6: It has become clear that mosquito saliva alters the ________ in a manner that may be advantageous to a virus.
Toll-like receptorLymphatic systemAdaptive immune systemImmune system

Question 7: The disease was first noted in horses in Egypt and ________ in the early 1960s and found to be widespread in southern Europe, southwest Asia and Australia.
FranceUnited KingdomCanadaItaly

Question 8: It was subsequently identified in ________ (1942) and India (1953), a 1950 serosurvey in Egypt found 90% of those over 40 years in age had WNV antibodies.

Question 9: ________ antisense oligos conjugated to cell penetrating peptides have been shown to partially protect mice from WNV disease.
Messenger RNARNADNAMorpholino

Question 10: In 2007 the ________ launched the Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together project.
World Community GridFightAIDS@HomeRosetta@homeSETI@home

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