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West Frisian language: Quiz


Question 1: Today this region is sometimes referred to as ________ or Frisia Magna, and many of the areas within it still treasure their Frisian heritage, even though in most places the Frisian language has been lost.
DrentheAntwerpGroningen (province)Frisia

Question 2: Although the earliest definite written examples of Frisian are from approximately the 9th century, there are a few examples of ________ inscriptions from the region which are probably older and possibly in the Frisian language.
Elder FutharkGermanic paganismGermanic peoplesRunic alphabet

Question 3: Therefore, possibly as many as 150,000 Frisian speakers live in other Dutch provinces now, particularly in the urban agglomeration in the West, and in neighbouring Groningen and newly reclaimed ________.
OverijsselNorth HollandFlevolandGelderland

Question 4: More common is removing the ________ (/ə/) and in case of a reduced article following a reduced dental suffix one of the /t/'s is dropped.
VowelVowel lengthSchwaPortuguese language

Question 5: In Standard Frisian writing this phenomenon can be represented by replacing the character representing the schwa by an ________.
GuillemetsAt signApostropheTilde

Question 6:
What family does West Frisian language belong to?

Question 7:
What type is thing is West Frisian language?
West Frisian language
Aragonese language
with Finnish language origins
County council of West Midlands

Question 8: In the early Middle Ages the Frisian lands stretched from the area around Bruges, in what is now ________, to the river Weser, in northern Germany.
BelgiumUnited KingdomDenmarkSpain

Question 9: Also, they can take the oath in Frisian in courts anywhere in the ________.

Question 10: The reason for this was the rise of ________ as the dominant part of the Netherlands and its language, Dutch, as the dominant language in judicial, administrative and religious affairs.
AmsterdamZeelandEighty Years' WarHolland


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