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West Berlin: Quiz


Question 1:
What proceeded West Berlin?
Paris By Night 79:
Paris By Night 94:
Paris By Night 80:

Question 2:
What era did West Berlin belong to?
British Empire
Modern era
Cold War

Question 3: Until the construction of the ________ interzonal trains would also stop once on their way within East Germany for travellers having the necessary visa to enter or leave East Germany, respectively.
Solidarity (Polish trade union)Berlin WallMikhail GorbachevHelmut Kohl

Question 4: However in the course of the ________ some supplies were increased beyond the pre-Blockade level and therefore certain rations in West Berlin were raised.
Eastern BlocBerlin BlockadeBerlin WallIron Curtain

Question 5: With the construction of the ________ on 13 August 1961 any remaining railway traffic between West Berlin and its East German suburbs ended.
Berlin WallHelmut KohlSolidarity (Polish trade union)Mikhail Gorbachev

Question 6: Tickets were originally sold for ________ only.
Pound sterlingEuroDanish kroneGibraltar pound

Question 7:

Question 8:
What is the native name for West Berlin
Berlin, / Westberlin
Ducatus Ultradunensis

Question 9: The sewage flowed into the East because most of the pre-war premises for sewage treatment, mostly ________, happened to be in the East after the division of the city.
Anaerobic digestionSewage sludge treatmentSewage treatmentIndustrial wastewater treatment

Question 10: However as German citizens, West Berliners were able to stand for election; including Social Democrat Chancellor ________, who was elected by means of his party's list of candidates.
Joseph StalinWilly BrandtKonrad AdenauerGeorge Marshall


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