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Question 1: To go west using a compass for ________, set a bearing or azimuth of 270°.
MapAmateur radio direction findingNavigationGlobal Positioning System

Question 2: The English word "west" is cognate to the Old High German word westar, which may derive from an Indo-European root from which the ________ word vesper, meaning "evening", derives; as the sun sets in the west during the evening.
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 3: In Chinese Buddhism, the West represents movement toward the Buddha or enlightenment (see ________).
Chinese mythologyChinese dragonXuanzangJourney to the West

Question 4: Moving continuously west is following a ________, which, except in the case of the equator, is not a great circle.
49th parallel northParallel 36°30' northCircle of latitude32nd parallel north

Question 5: Ancient Egyptians also believed that the ________ Amunet was a personification of the West.
Feminist theologyPolytheismGoddessDeity

Question 6: in The Great Gatsby) moving West has sometimes symbolized gaining freedom, perhaps as an association with the settling of the Old West (see also ________).
United StatesManifest DestinyColonialismJames K. Polk

Question 7: West is the direction opposite that of the ________'s rotation on its axis, and is therefore the general direction towards which the Sun sets.

Question 8: West is one of the four ________ or compass points.
Global Positioning SystemCardinal directionMapNavigation

Question 9: The ancient ________ believed that the West was the realm of the great goddess of water, mist, and maize.
AztecMesoamerican chronologyPre-Columbian eraInca Empire

Question 10: West is a noun, ________, or adverb indicating direction or geography.
AdjectiveGerundPreposition and postpositionPronoun

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