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Wessex: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the legislature of Wessex called?
Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island
Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
Mongol-Oirat Code

Question 2: A later thrust up the Hampshire Avon towards ________ in 519 appears to have been checked by the Britons at Charford.
Old SarumEnglandStonehengeSalisbury

Question 3:
What type of government does Wessex have?
Monarchy until 1795, Principality from 1795 to 1803, zamindari from 1803
Constitutional monarchy from 1889 onwards

Question 4: ________ states that the Isle of Wight was settled not by Saxons but Jutes, who also settled on the Hampshire coast, known as the Meonsæte and that these areas were only acquired by Wessex in the later seventh century.
Catholic ChurchBedePope Gregory IJohn Chrysostom

Question 5: Cenwealh married ________'s daughter, and when he repudiated her, Penda again invaded and drove him into exile for some time, perhaps three years.
Wulfhere of MerciaPenda of MerciaOswiu of NorthumbriaEgbert of Wessex

Question 6: It is in Cynegils' reign that the first event in West Saxon history that can be dated with reasonable certainty occurs: the ________ of Cynegils by Birinus, which happened at the end of the 630s, perhaps in 640.
Protestant ReformationBaptismInfant baptismLutheranism

Question 7: According to the ________ (ASC), Wessex was founded by Cerdic and Cynric, chieftains of a clan known as "Gewisse".
Anglo-Saxon ChronicleAlfred the GreatOld EnglishAnglo-Saxons

Question 8:

Question 9:
Where does Wessex come from?
Origin India, developed in England
Manchester, England
, England

Question 10:
What is the capital of Wessex?


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