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Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field: Quiz


Question 1: These include gases trapped in cavities (vesicles) in volcanic rocks, dissolved or dissoclated gases in magma and ________, or gases emanating directly from lava or indirectly through ground water heated by volcanic action.
LavaBasaltIgneous rockVolcano

Question 2: [6] Lava flows from the two cinder cones lie on glaciated bedrock without an intervening paleosol, indicating an early ________ age.
HolocenePleistoceneGeologic time scale10th millennium BC

Question 3: [3] The majority of information has been collected in a lengthy, separate way from the support of several employees, such as volcanologists and other geologic ________.
ScientistScientific methodNatural scienceScience

Question 4: Magma with low levels of silica (as in ________) commonly extend tens of kilometers from the volcano's vent.
Flood basaltLavaBasaltIgneous rock

Question 5: [6] The melts originally came from the ________ which, over time, was progressively depleted by every following melting event.
AluminiumPlate tectonicsEarthMantle (geology)

Question 6: Other volcanic events elsewhere interacted with ________ and magma creating numerous pit craters.

Question 7: [3] Knowledge at the Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic field and other volcanic areas in British Columbia is not as established, but certain contributions are being done at least ________.
Mount MeagerMount GaribaldiMount CayleyPlinth Peak

Question 8: [4] Most of these canyons contain ________ and waterfalls, such as the Murtle River, Canim Falls, Spahats Falls and the 142 metres (470 ft) high Helmcken Falls.
EstuaryRiverStreamDrainage basin

Question 9: [4] Basaltic lava shrinks as it cools and forms vertical columns of rock called ________.
Igneous rockBasaltGraniteFlood basalt

Question 10: Current knowledge is best established at ________ and is likely to rise considerably with a temporary mapping and monitoring project.
Mount GaribaldiMount CayleyMount MeagerPlinth Peak


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